Areas of Activity

Legal entities legal service Banks and finances Legal representation Debt collection Consultation and representation in insolvency procedure Registration and transaction with commercial companies Property Law Real estate valuation

Legal entities legal service

Our firm offers full legal service to legal entities – commercial companies, non-profit legal entities and municipalities. Our products in this field enable your company, association, foundation, municipality to have constant legal aid offered by qualified legal professionals at its disposal. For you to achieve high results, we acquaint ourselves in detail with the specifics of your scope of activity, the relevant legislation and the serving institutions, by providing you with legal solutions to any legal issues arisen from the perspective of your managerial vision of development. The associated accountants that are part of our team enable us to easily handle any accounting, financial and taxation issues that may occur in relation to the legal services you are provided with.

The law firm

Aneliya Becheva-Dimitrova & Partners law firm has been established in the year 2008. Since 2009 the firm is specialised in debt collection, full service of banks, commercial companies, leasing companies and fast credit companies.
The firm prepares the legal framework of the companies, credit agreement drafts, terms and conditions of these, agreements for deposits, consignations, contracts for provision of various services, related to the activity of its clients.
At the same time, the firm successfully resolves any commercial, debenture, property, civil law, administrative and administrative penal cases with high level of legal complexity.





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